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What conditions do we treat? Paediatric Physios treat a wide variety of conditions, these are the ones most common to Paediatric practice: • Developmental delay • Cerebral palsy • Hypotonia and Hypermobility syndrome • Genetic disorders, such as Down’s syndrome, Mitochondrial disease • Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus • Muscular and neuromuscular disease • Juvenile Chronic Arthritis • Brachial plexus lesions • Spinal cord injuries • Plagiocephaly (Flat head syndrome / asymmetrical head shape) • Postural problems including torticollis,scoliosis, talipes equino-varus, • Idiopathic toe walkers • Osteogenesis Imperfecta • Motor Co-ordination diificulties/ Dyspraxia/ “Clumsy chlld” • Respiratory disorders such as Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis • Post traumatic injury, such as a sports injury • Autism spectrum disorder • Congenital absence of limb or limb shortening As Helen has over 35 years of working as Paediatric Physio, she has had experience in treating all the conditions above.