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Courses for Parents Helen adapts her courses for parents, who may not have the professional background of teachers. She  has given talks to parents at Doctors clinics, Nurseries, Kindergartens and schools, as part of their outreach programme to  support and educate parents.  Apart from childhood development, other topics have included equipment and footwear, posture and growing pains  and baby proofing your house.These have been very well received, especially for first time parents. Waterbabies Helen has been teaching parents how to safely introduce their babies to water. It is not a swimming class as such, but allows parents to learn certain techniques and give them the confidence to handle their babies in the water aged 3 months to 12 months old. She has been running these popular courses since the birth of her younger son in 1990. Infant Massage Courses Helen trained  specialist Neo natal nurses in the UK to how to massage and handle premature babies as part of an early experiment at Kings College Hospital , London,UK , back in the early 80 s. She has since taught Infant massage to parents and professionals all over the world in Europe and in Asia. Courses can be arranged for groups of parents with young babies, or for other professionals wishing to add this skill to their expertise and work. Courses for expectant mothers Helen is qualified to teach exercise courses for pregnant women. These are designed for expectant mothers  from 3 to 9 months gestation. Gentle stretching, toning and pelvic floor exercises are included as well as relaxation. Helen has been teaching these courses since 1987, and has incorporated many yoga techniques into her classes.