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Treatment Paediatric Physiotherapy treatment uses a variety of methods, such as Bobath / Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT), Sensory integration, Conductive education,soft tissue massage, mobilisations, balance training, posture education and active exercise programmes, such as Pilates. Helen is NDT trained and uses an eclectic mix of Bobath therapy, mixed with other effective techniques such as Halliwick , Pilates and Conductive education. Treatment is normally a mixture of hands on therapy and an exercise programme. Each treatment session will vary in length depending on the age of the child and their mood. Little babies cannot manage a very long session. whereas a 5 year old or a teenager can tolerate much more . The normal length of treatment is approximately 45 minutes. Treatment may include: Stretching Strengthening Re-education of normal movement patterns Improvement of posture, balance, standing and walking Balance training Developmental stimulation Co-ordination and work on gross and fine motor skills Home exercises Promoting new activities to help confidence and independence Advice and support