Home About Helen Assessment Treatment Courses and Seminars Contact Links Testimonials What conditions do we treat? What is Paediatric  Physiotherapy? Developmental Clinics and  Talks Click Here Helen Binge Chartered Physiotherapist M.C.S.P.   Grad. Dip. Phys. H.C.P.C. reg. (UK) Developmental Specialist Certified Reflexologist Contact Helen on (+51) 9466 50722 Email:      helen.binge@gmail.com Physiobaby current Blog    Click here PhysioBaby is a specialist paediatric physiotherapy service for babies and children. Professional help is provided by Helen Binge, a British Chartered Physiotherapist and developmental specialist, with 38 years experience in Europe and Asia. Helen provides online consultations for families anywhere in the world, and is currently resident in Lima, Peru.
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