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Assessment Helen offers two types of assessment. There is Developmental Assessment for all babies and Assessment to see if there is a possible need for treatment. Each of these can be online or in person. Developmental Assessment Many parents want to know whether their babies are meeting their developmental milestones, and this is extremely important. In many countries in the world these assessments and checks would be made as standard. However, sadly in some countries, this is not always the case. I have personal experience of babies going undiagnosed, or being ignored, which saddens me greatly. It is vital for a baby to have a developmental check in the first 6 months of life and once again when they are slightly older. Parents do have questions on children’s growth posture and development and Helen can help to answer, advise and reassure; from toes that turn out, knees that turn in, heads that are flat, and tummy buttons that stick out, crazy crawlers and reluctant walkers, Helen can advise and reassure you. If baby needs some help, early intervention is always the key! Checks will include •  Baby weighing, with length and head      circumference measurement •  Feet, spine and hip checks  •  Growth and feeding concerns •  Assessment of developmental     milestones •  Advice on posture, positioning     and handling. Contact Helen at any time by e-mail or phone if you would like to book an assessments or just have queries about your baby. Consultations can be online or in person. Assessment For Treatment Before any treatment takes place, Helen will thoroughly assess your child. This usually takes at least one hour and will vary depending on the age of the child. Assessment is invaluable as it allows the physio to see actually what your child can and cannot do and observe their specific movements.Helen will assess developmental milestones, movement, strength, co- ordination and balance. In addition, Helen will take a thorough case history of your child’s birth and medical history, and will talk to the parents about any concerns. Often an assessment like this can very reassuring and sometimes there is no need for further intervention, just some advice and discussion. A “Physiocheck” can often put your mind at ease. This is also available online. Each assessment is completely individual, and as a parent you will be very involved.